Land Art Generator

Emiratos Árabes

WeatherField is a shape-shifting energy generation park along a strip of sandy beach in Abu Dhabi between Yas and Saadiyat Islands. The park is an open public space and is capable of harvesting the abundant renewable energy resource of wind within the Middle East context. The public park offers a variety of ways to engage with climate and renewable energy, as an economic sponsor, as a visual or physical experience, and as information.

Unlike current renewable energy fields where technologies are publicly inaccessible, static, and always on, WeatherField offers a range of public engagement dependent upon wind, sun, and moisture. Energy generation becomes a public performance, dynamic, reactive, and interactive. The park is active when weather events are active, and calm when weather is calm, in each instance offering the public a compatible experiences.



The Para-kite is a hybrid of a parachute, a kite, and a glider. It is equipped with a series of hollow air chamber cells along its length, which allows it to become airborne and remain aloft in sufficient winds. As wind passes through the air cells, it encounters a series of non-turbine energy harvesting Windbelts™ along the depth of the chamber. The belts thin profile converts “aerolastic flutter” to AC power within the para-kite’s chambers. Only low to medium air movement is necessary for this technology to still have significant impact. The Windbelt™ generates AC power down the suspension lines to the supports posts. From there, electricity is carried in series to a step-up transmission station on site, before being fed into the high voltage power grid to the southeast.

The side trim of the para-kites is equipped with light-weight magnetic strips. Para-kites can be aggregated and clustered to maximize a response to each weather condition. For example, during the Shamals wind, which can last up to 5 days continuously during the summer months, the para-kites gather in clusters of 5-6 in order to maximize harvest.

The Para-kite has a base station that consists of two carbon fiber posts. These are used for alternate positions such as fog, low wind conditions, and preparation for tourist riders, but it is also convenient for maintenance, storage, and as a sun shade.



Connatural + Lateral Office

Diseño: Arq. Edgar Mazo, Arq. Sebastián Mejía, Arq. Luis Callejas (como Paisajes Emergentes) + Arq. Mason White and Arq. Lola Sheppard 

Desarrollo: Est. Alexander Laing, Est. Matthew Spremulli, Est. Fei-Ling Tseng

Localización: Islas Saadiyat y Yas, Emiratos Árabes